Reclaiming Resilience in Your Trauma Story

Trauma can leave us with a range of complex emotions, fears, and concerns. Focused on narrative therapy and journaling, we help participants identify triggers, understand the science of trauma, re-build their self-esteem, unlearn shame, and recognise and establish their inborn strengths.

5 weeks
Starts on November 1

“I have found the course really helpful. It has been good to be able to work things through by myself with the help of the videos and from the chat. The videos have been really informative and everyone has been great in answering questions when I was unsure of things or just needed some support.”

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Session goals coming soon
Week 1:
Foundational Concepts
Session 1:
What is Trauma?
Session 2:
Fear & the Trauma Response
Week 2:
Psychosocial Elements of Trauma
Session 1:
Adverse Childhood Experiences, Trauma, & Interpersonal Relationships
Session 2:
Systemic Forms of Oppression
Week 3:
Resilience: the Magic Trick
Session 1:
Safety and Trust
Session 2:
 Resilience: Definition and Understanding
Week 4:
Resilience & Coping Mechanisms
Session 1:
Positive Coping Mechanisms
Session 2:
Unhelpful Coping Mechanisms
Week 5:
Building a Narrative
Session 1:
Interactive Session: Storylines
Session 2:
Reviewing our Journey & Looking to the Future
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