Learn and heal from trauma in an anonymous, supportive space.

Bloom informs and empowers survivors by offering courses that combine important information about trauma and gender-based violence with therapeutic practices to help heal from trauma. 

Bloom was built to address the barriers many survivors face in accessing mental health support, such as financial cost, stigma, inaccessibility, privacy and safety. All Bloom courses are trauma-informed and intersectional, and contain no pseudo-science. The courses are created, written and checked by survivors, allies, mental health support workers and a professional therapist.

"I work full time and am returning back to University in a few weeks so struggle to attend any face to face courses but this set up is perfect for me because I can do it in my own time. I really believe that I’ll find the courses beneficial for my healing and for my mental health so thank you so so much, it truly means a lot."

We’ll be offering free, remote courses from Spring 2022. If you’d be interested in hearing what’s available, sign up below.

About us

Bloom is a remote trauma support service from Chayn, a global charity supporting survivors of abuse across borders. We launched Bloom in 2020 as a response to the pandemic and the knowledge that not only were many survivors trapped inside with abusers, but those recovering from assault were left stranded from their usual therapy and support systems.
We recognise that for many, therapy or in-person support groups are not accessible. Whether it’s cost, time, availability, stigma or inability to leave the house or make a call without being watched by an abuser, we want to ensure survivors have every chance to heal. We built Bloom to make trauma support accessible. 
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“I stopped having therapy because I cannot sustain the expensive sessions. That is why I am so thankful there is Bloom and kind hearted, dedicated people like you.”