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    Bloom courses offer tailored information, tools, and affirming words to help us cope with trauma. They encourage us to learn, reflect, and process what we’ve been through and how it may have affected us–all in a safe and empowering space.
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    Society, patriarchy, and sexual trauma

    We don’t experience sexual trauma in isolation from the world around us. Here, we’ll identify victim-blaming stigmas and myths, look at how these prejudices might have affected our healing journey, and understand how sexual violence is facilitated by both individual predators and patriarchal power structures. Together, we will relearn that it is never the survivor's fault.

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    Creating boundaries

    Boundaries are an essential part of all our lives, but are often difficult to foster and maintain. After identifying different boundary types and styles, in this course we learn how to understand our own needs, identify toxic and unsafe behaviour in others, and centre our wellbeing in personal relationships.

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    Recovering from toxic and abusive relationships

    Abuse can happen to anyone - and it’s never the survivor’s fault. In this course, we discuss abusive tactics, the cycle of coercive control, the science of trauma, and how abuse can affect our boundaries, relationships, and coping mechanisms. We empower ourselves to build positive self-esteem with tools such as journaling, somatic practice, and community.

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    Reclaiming resilience in your trauma story

    Trauma can leave us with many different complicated emotions, fears, and concerns. Based on narrative therapy and journaling techniques, we explore how to identify triggers, understand the science of trauma, re-build self-esteem, work through shame, and recognise the ways we’ve already been resilient.

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    Managing anxiety

    Designed for survivors of trauma, this course helps users uncover the relationship between anxiety and trauma, and different methods for managing negative thought patterns and physical symptoms of anxiety. We also explore a variety of grounding techniques to improve both mental and physical health, in the short- and long-term.

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    Healing from sexual trauma

    We know that the healing journey isn’t always a straight line. In this course, we’ll identify how sexual trauma can affect our body image, sexual desire, emotions, stress response, and more. We’ll also explore different trauma-informed recovery tools, including journaling exercises and somatic care, to bring forward in our journeys of recovery.

    Bloom is brought to you by Chayn, a global non-profit, run by survivors and allies from around the world, creating resources to support the healing of survivors of gender-based violence.

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