Recovering from Toxic and Abusive Relationships

Abuse and toxic relationships enact a profound violence on the victim-survivor’s wellbeing. In this course, we discuss abusive tactics, the cycle of coercive control, the science of trauma, and how abuse can affect our relationships and coping mechanisms. We empower users to build positive self-esteem with tools such as journaling, somatic practice, and community

7 weeks
Starts on September 6

“I found the courses to help me a lot with my recovery from abuse and I believe it will help others that have or are experiencing a similar thing. It has provided me a time and place (from safety of my own room) to understand my experience and learn how I can manage my anxiety, depression, guilt, shame…”

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Session goals coming soon
Week 1:
Why Anyone Can Be Abused
Session 1:
What You Should Know
Session 2:
The Power of a Name
Week 2:
Why We Stay: The Mind and Body in Abuse
Session 1:
Fear in the Body
Session 2:
Trauma Bonding is Addictive
Week 3:
Breaking the Cycle 
Session 1:
Automatic Negative Thoughts
Session 2:
Self-Esteem & C-PTSD
Week 4:
What Abuse is Really About
Session 1:
Power, Control, & the Patriarchy
Session 2:
The Cycle of Coercive Control
Week 5:
Difficult Emotions
Session 1:
Anger is Not the Same as Aggression
Session 2:
Grief, Guilt, & Letting Go
Week 6:
Life After Trauma
Session 1:
Healthy Relationships
Session 2:
Assertiveness & Communication
Week 7:
You Matter: Creating a Safety Plan
Session 1:
Safety Planning & Coping
Session 2:
Review & Closure
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