Why Bloom?

“I was thrilled to know that something like this exists and I want it to help others the way it helped me.”

Bloom launched in 2020, when COVID-19 lockdowns came into place around the world. Not only were many survivors trapped inside with abusers, but those recovering from their abuse were left stranded from in-person therapy and support systems. 

That’s why we launched Bloom - to provide free, online, accessible support for survivors of domestic abuse and sexual violence. Since its inception, we’ve received almost 1000 sign-ups from survivors from 38 countries

Our courses make trauma support accessible. Last year, 39.5% of our users reported never having attended therapy, while 27.6% said they’d had to stop having therapy because of the cost. Therapy and in-person support groups can also be inaccessible due to unavailability in some parts of the world, inability to leave the house or make a call without being watched by an abuser, or mental health stigma.

“I stopped having therapy because I cannot sustain the expensive sessions. That is why I am so thankful there is BLOOM and kind hearted, dedicated people like you.”

All our courses are trauma-informed - meaning we use the space to connect our past and our present, our external experiences with our inner worlds. We know that trauma can lay deep roots not only in our minds, whether through our self-esteem, anxiety, or trust, but also in our bodies, and the way trauma is stored in our physical form. We also know that trauma recovery is not a quick fix

So with Bloom we aim to “inform and empower”. To inform, we share psychologically-verified information (no pseudo-science!) on the fear response and how the body can repeat this response after trauma, how our sense of self can be affected by trauma, as well as our relationships with others. To empower, we explore practical tools for grounding ourselves in the present through anxiety and traumatic responses, assertive communication for healthy relationships, and a variety of journaling techniques for exploring our own stories and healing. And we take a critical look at the ways society enables predators and abusers, to ground ourselves in the truth that abuse is never the survivor’s fault

“This course could be helpful for anyone, yet has great benefit for those who have experienced abusive behaviors with a very gentle, mindful approach to prevent it from being too overwhelming. It has brought so much clarity to my past experiences, putting words, labels, researched proof to what I didn’t know how to explain or process”.

Our courses are delivered through daily messages, twice-weekly video recordings with grounding exercises, and activities for participants to do in their own time - meaning you get to learn at your own pace.

We’ve also supported over 200 survivors directly through our live chat, sharing activities from the session, insights, memories, challenges, and triumphs. We’ve been able to offer emotional support and solidarity through difficult moments in survivors’ recovery - and share the joy of their resilience, growth, and healing. 

“The team have been great at understanding me and they have been really compassionate. They are all really easy to talk to on the chat and make me feel like I am wanted and that my thoughts are ok and that I am valued. “
“I feel like every interaction in these one on one chats leads to more discoveries. “

But you aren’t just getting to know us through Bloom; you’re taking the course alongside other survivors. Throughout the course, we share insights from fellow participants, not only to support your learning but to foster a feeling of connection amongst the group. You are not alone: we are in this together.

“The feeling that someone was there for me. That I could watch the videos anytime and feel like I was part of something. I never had to worry about inconveniencing someone because I am never important enough for that. You made me feel that I belonged. That was the most important. After that it was the message that I have control over how I feel. I don't have the courage yet to change, but...that is the next level of support I need.”

Bloom is our community of survivors in recovery. Together, we build resilience, and make an investment in our healing journeys. 

“Thank you for doing this. This is the only place I can go without fear of scrutiny or court intervention. I appreciate all of you.”