Work with us

We’re a learning and sharing kind of organisation. As we experiment with different ways to support a greater number of survivors, we want to share our journey and successes with other organisations and groups. Our two core principles in running and delivering Bloom have been to both inform and empower. We believe both to be key in working with survivor-communities against gender-based violence, and would expect any replication of our work to model the same level of empathy, credibility, accessibility, and values.

We’re looking for 5 organisations in the UK and 5 from outside the UK to be part of our learning programme. We’ll train you in what we’ve learned throughout our course-runs, share our resources - which you would be free to remix and edit (with attribution) - and work with you directly to advance the field of remote trauma support. However, we will not be sharing any identifiable details of participants of any of the courses.

This programme is open to any non-profit or for-profit organisation working with adult survivors of child abuse, domestic abuse, sexual violence and any other form of gender-based violence. Though our work is designed around the needs of women and non-binary people, we are open to working with organisations who support any gender. We especially welcome those focusing on marginalised communities.

There is no charge for being part of this programme for non-profits and small social enterprises. If you are for-profit who would like to take part, there will be a cost to participate.



August: Applications open
October: Applications close
November: Interviews and shortlist
December: 3-hour training session and access to materials
January-December 2021: Monthly and quarterly calls to reflect and report on learnings


Alignment with Chayn’s values of being trauma-informed, intersectional, rooted in science, empowering rather than shaming, accessible rather than institutional, and inclusive of LGBTQIA+ communities. A strong commitment to anti-racist and anti-oppression work. Availability to attend at least 2 of the quarterly meetings and 4 of the monthly check-ins. Production of a blog at the end of the 2021 programme to reflect on experiences and insights. A vow to be open, transparent, and collaborative: with Chayn, organisations in the programme, as well as the wider community of practitioners. Agreeing to participate in impact measurement.

How to apply

If you would like to find out more before you apply, get in touch with us by emailing our team at chayn dot com.