The Bloom team learned a lot from our initial 10-week pilot course. Knowing there was a wide-gap between support options and what survivors really needed, from the start, our group has worked to learn and adapt our services according to member feedback. Since setting up Bloom, we have encouraged participants to share any insights or thoughts as they go, and tailored our content to best support our communities. Through anonymous questionnaires, polls, and our 1-to-1 chats, we received lots of great feedback from initial members, and have gratefully applied their stories to Bloom’s new structure. 

Here are some really positive messages we've received so far:

“The course has been good for me. Firstly, with the lockdown here in the UK it has given me some structure and something to look forward to. Apart from that, I feel that things that I am denying about my trauma are being confirmed and repeated. I have gone to therapy but I don't always want to talk about the abuse or my ex partner so with your programme I am not doing any talking but you are all giving me information, guidance, positivity, education and coping methods."

“You guys are doing a great job and raising awareness. I'm glad I found the group.”

“Knowing someone cares always helps!”

“A positive thing from the session is that other people think the way I do - that maybe I'm not crazy for feeling everything that I do.”

“A lot is going on at home so it’s hard to take out time. But I like that the sessions are short and informative.”

We were lucky to have participants give us constructive criticism, as well. Through this, our team modified our videos to a 20-25 minute mark (so members in crisis would have time to watch without greater risk); we also adapted our scripts, so our content could be understood and connect with a more global audience. We also recognised that while Telegram provided a safe and anonymous platform, it was not widely used by each member. In response, we are now providing the option to participate using WhatsApp alongside Telegram, so our users may continue to choose what suits them. 

We will continue to adapt, learn, and grow our support programme and sessions throughout each of our five courses. 

Bloom is in conversation with the communities we serve. We can’t wait to grow with you.  

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