Creating Boundaries

Boundaries are an essential part of all our lives, but are often difficult to foster and maintain. After identifying different boundary types and styles, in this course we learn how to understand our own needs, identify toxic and unsafe behaviour in others, and centre our wellbeing in personal relationships.

4 weeks
Started May 3

“I have gained more confidence through this course. I have learnt about different boundaries and I now have started a plan just for my boundaries, how I will communicate them, identify them etc. I did not have the tools to create this before, even though I had read about boundaries online.”

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Week 1:
Session 1:
What are Boundaries?
Session 2:
Boundary Styles
Week 2:
Boundary Types
Session 1:
Emotional boundaries
Session 2:
Sexual & Physical Boundaries
Week 3:
Boundaries in Relationships
Session 1:
Boundaries with Parents, Family, & Romantic Partners
Session 2:
Boundaries with Friends & at Work
Week 4:
Making Healthy Boundaries
Session 1:
How to Communicate Boundaries
Session 2:
 Review & Closure
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