Society, Patriarchy and Sexual Trauma

Identify victim-blaming myths and understand how sexual violence is facilitated by patriarchal power structures. Together, we will relearn that it is never the survivor's fault.

6 weeks
Coming in 2022

"I have a much better understanding of how society enables various forms of abuse and silencing of victims, and I am beginning to feel a lightening of guilt in the belief that it was all my fault. It is feeling more possible to leave the past in the past and be who I am now, safe, and loving toward myself, not defined by those who have hurt me.."


Week 1
Session 1:
The self and sexual violence
Week 2
Session 2:
Mythologies of the patriarchy
Week 3
Session 3:
Predatory behaviour
Week 4
Session 4:
Enthusiastic consent
Week 5
Session 5:
Telling someone about the assault
Week 6
Session 6:
Final reflections
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