Reclaiming Resilience in Your Trauma Story

Trauma can leave us with a range of complex emotions, fears, and concerns. Focused on narrative therapy and journaling, we help participants identify triggers, understand the science of trauma, re-build their self-esteem, unlearn shame, and recognise and establish their inborn strengths.

5 weeks
Starts on November 1

"I found the courses to help me a lot with my recovery from abuse and I believe it will help others that have or are experiencing similar thing. It has provided me a time and place (from safety of my own room) to understand my experience and learn how I can manage my anxiety, depression, guilt, shame ... and how I can set boundaries, look out for red flags and ways to try to spot signs and try to protect myself, where possible."

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Session goals coming soon
Week 1:
Foundational Concepts
Session 1:
What is Trauma?
Session 2:
Fear & the Trauma Response
Week 2:
Psychosocial Elements of Trauma
Session 1:
Adverse Childhood Experiences, Trauma, & Interpersonal Relationships
Session 2:
Systemic Forms of Oppression
Week 3:
Resilience: the Magic Trick
Session 1:
Safety and Trust
Session 2:
 Resilience: Definition and Understanding
Week 4:
Resilience & Coping Mechanisms
Session 1:
Positive Coping Mechanisms
Session 2:
Unhelpful Coping Mechanisms
Week 5:
Building a Narrative
Session 1:
Interactive Session: Storylines
Session 2:
Reviewing our Journey & Looking to the Future
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