Managing Anxiety

Designed for survivors of trauma, this course helps users uncover the relationship between anxiety and trauma, and different methods for managing negative thought patterns and physical symptoms of anxiety. We also introduce a variety of grounding techniques to improve both mental and physical health (in the short- and long-term).

4 weeks
Live course started on August 2 but you can still sign up via Telegram

"Once I understood some layers and sources of my anxiety, it felt really freeing to eliminate others and to have been given all the tools to manage it in one place was very beneficial."

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Week 1:
Our Body in Anxiety
Session 1:
What is Anxiety?
Session 2:
Anxiety & the Fear Response
Week 2:
Anxiety Layers: Mind & Behaviour
Session 1:
Anxious Avoidance
Session 2:
Anxious Thought Patterns
Week 3:
Triggers, Redflags, & Responses
Session 1:
Building a Lasting Relationship with Triggers
Session 2:
Mindfulness, Somatic Care, & Physical Health
Week 4:
Anxiety Management
Session 1:
Short-Term Strategies to Manage Anxiety
Session 2:
Long-Term Strategies to Manage Anxiety
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