Creating Boundaries

Boundaries are an essential part of all our lives, but are often difficult to foster and maintain. After identifying different boundary types and styles, in this course we learn how to understand our own needs, identify toxic and unsafe behaviour in others, and centre our wellbeing in personal relationships.

4 weeks
Live course finished (sign up via Telegram)

"I’ve read lots of literature, and listened to many podcasts on the topic of boundaries but never have I felt safe and understood even from the other side of the screen! The analogies, the exercises, the language used and the spacing plus the course length was perfect for me to follow with my dyslexia. Thank you for the tips and life hacks! I do feel better for doing this course."

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Week 1:
Session 1:
What are Boundaries?
Session 2:
Boundary Styles
Week 2:
Boundary Types
Session 1:
Emotional boundaries
Session 2:
Sexual & Physical Boundaries
Week 3:
Boundaries in Relationships
Session 1:
Boundaries with Parents, Family, & Romantic Partners
Session 2:
Boundaries with Friends & at Work
Week 4:
Making Healthy Boundaries
Session 1:
How to Communicate Boundaries
Session 2:
 Review & Closure
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