About Us

“I have never felt as understood as I have talking to the team on the chat, and I genuinely felt like they wanted the best for me and that they were always there if I needed them. “

What we do

With Bloom, our aim is to inform and empower. This means that throughout our programme we balance important facts about trauma and gender-based violence with a set of core therapeutic practices to ground, cope, and ultimately rebuild a sense of self. Our courses are written, edited, and checked by a professional trauma therapist, as well as our team of survivors and mental health support workers. We maintain a strict policy of no pseudo-science, and all our material is intersectional and trauma-informed

Bloom was also built to address the barriers many survivors face in accessing mental health support post-trauma. Traditional therapies can be expensive, not to mention inaccessible for those who can’t leave the house. Likewise, in-person support groups may be unavailable or difficult to find. This is why we made Bloom - to foster a safe, anonymous, online space for survivors, that keeps the support and solidarity of a group environment. While working with Bloom, your learning and growth will be backed by anonymous insights from other course members, as well as our team of facilitators. You are not alone.

Who we are

Spread across multiple continents, our diverse team is made up of professionals with years of experience working across the sectors of Tech for Good, mental health, and violence against women and girls (VAWG). We are mental health professionals, user researchers, service designers, tech developers  - and, importantly, many of us are survivors, too. By designing ‘with’ not ‘for, we uphold Chayn’s core principle of participatory design. Read more about our trauma-informed design principles, and check out the Chayn website to view more of our survivor-led projects. 

Core Team

Hera Hussain

is the founder and CEO of Chayn. She has years of experience supporting survivors, and is responsible for oversight of Bloom, as well as being our Safeguarding Lead. Born in Scotland, raised in Pakistan and living in the UK, Hera knew from early on she wanted to empower women. She was on the Forbes 30 Under 30 and MIT Technology Review’s Innovators Under 35 list, and was awarded the British Empire Medal by Her Majesty the Queen in 2020. Hera speaks English, Urdu, and Punjabi.

Zoë Firth

is a British-American who grew up in California and the UK. Her background is in Psychology with experience working in acute mental health, and she recently completed a clinical research MSc. As Bloom's Project Lead, Zoë writes, edits, and facilitates the Bloom courses, manages course delivery, oversees our live chat, and leads admin and project schedules. Zoë speaks English and French.

Beatriz Diaz

is a service designer based in Colombia. She has worked in service design for social innovation and mental healthcare. Beatriz is a Bloom facilitator responsible for graphic design and user research. She speaks Spanish, English, and Italian.

Nooreen Khan

is a public health professional focusing on gender-based violence prevention, community education, and social justice. She is Chayn’s People Lead responsible for recruitment and team leadership, as well as a Bloom facilitator. Nooreen grew up in the UAE and now lives in Canada; she speaks English, Bengali, and Hindi.

Naomi Alexander Naidoo

is a community builder for systems change, with experience building networks and movements across social and environmental justice issues. She is Chayn’s Movement Builder and leads our partnerships work. Naomi lives in the UK and speaks English.

Flora Butler

is a Master’s student in Gender Studies at SOAS University, where she specialises in Gender in the Middle East. She is the founder of an independent publishing house, and is a practicing painter and poet. She is a Bloom facilitator and is leading our creative project on healing from trauma. Based in London, Flora speaks English, French, and Italian.

Anna Hughes

is a tech lead and web developer specialising in Tech for Good. She has experience building web services prioritising accessibility, security, and impact. She is Bloom’s Tech Lead responsible for building our new platform. Anna lives in the UK and speaks English.


Rebecca Rae-Evans has a varied and extensive 15-year background in research and user-centred design, working with blue chip clients on award-winning digital projects. Her focus is digital transformation, lean research, service design, and product innovation for social good. Rebecca lives in the UK, and speaks English.

Tiffany Lo
is a New Yorker now residing in Colorado. She is a Web Developer, mother, and gender rights activist. She created the Bloom website, and consults on the tech development of Bloom. Tiffany speaks English.

Carolina Moyano
is a Colombian-Mexican service designer and UX researcher based in Glasgow, Scotland. Carolina speaks English and Spanish.

Dama Sathianathan
is a digital entrepreneur with diverse experience in governance, research, tech for good design, and impact measurement. Dama is based in the UK and speaks English, German, and Tamil.

Dina Ariss
is a data analyst passionate about open source technology, gender equality and refugee empowerment. She is an active member of the WYSE Leadership network. Born and raised in Syria, and living in the UK, Dina speaks English and Arabic.

Lakshmi Manjoosha is a digital product manager based in the Netherlands. She is originally from India, but has lived in France, Malaysia, China, and the UK. Lakshmi is passionate about technology and women’s empowerment, and has served as Project Lead for different Chayn projects over the last few years. She speaks English, Telugu, and French.

Course writers and editors

Dr. Paula Aredez Arriazu is an Argentinian psychologist living in London. She is a trauma specialist that has worked in the humanitarian, public health, and women’s sector. She is collaborating with Chayn to write, edit, and verify Bloom’s content. Paula speaks Spanish and English.

Dr. Cassie Roberts
is a senior clinical psychologist and trauma specialist. She has extensive experience of working with survivors of human rights abuse and trauma. Cassie has worked with Chayn to edit courses from a trauma-informed perspective. She currently leads an online-therapy practice from her home in Germany and speaks English.

Fatima Hussain is a psychotherapist based in Islamabad, Pakistan. Working with both individuals and couples through private practice, Fatima is passionate about making therapy accessible, intersectional and relevant for diverse populations. She is collaborating with Chayn to write, edit, and verify Bloom's content from a trauma-informed perspective. She speaks Urdu, English and Punjabi.

Alyson Kissner is a doctoral student, writer, survivor, and award-winning poet. Originally from Canada, she is studying in the UK, where both her critical and creative practices evaluate themes of gender-based violence, abuse, trauma, and tenderness. Alyson speaks English and French.