“A positive thing from the session is that other people think the way I do - that maybe I'm not crazy for feeling everything that I do.” - Survivor

Bloom is part of Chayn, a global network of volunteers working against gender-based violence by creating  intersectional, survivor-led digital resources. 

In addition to Bloom, Chayn has created numerous how-to guides and toolkits for survivors and the people who support them; and maintains Little Window, a smart chatbot that quickly and securely directs visitors to the content they’re hoping to find on our website. 

We’re actively working on a new platform, Your Story Matters (YSM), which suggests curated and original content for survivors as they explore life after an assault. Soul Medicine, a series of micro-courses, written for and by survivors, offers daily tips and encouragement for those experiencing abuse. 

These projects would not be possible without the generous support of our funders and volunteers. 

If you are interested in learning more about Chayn, or funding our work, please contact our team at chayn dot co.

🌷Story behind our pilot

Back in March 2020, as we witnessed stricter lockdown measures being enforced across the globe, Chayn took the decision to adapt our trauma resilience course we’d been planning to run in-person into a fully online format. The programme was set up by a core group of volunteers from Chayn, who communally dedicated ~560 hours over 11 weeks to bring this course to life. 

A typical in-person support group is run for a maximum of 14 people. At the moment, we are able to run it for up to 100 people at a time, and aim to support 300 people moving forward. We are aiming for 60 users per course, although the scale of impact is much higher. Even those who don’t participate in sending their thoughts to us via DM are viewing supportive information, which - when living with an abuser - can feel like a lifeline.

This ten-week course was free for anyone to enroll in, made for those in need of remote support who couldn’t access face-to-face therapy. We offered daily tips and tools to aid recovery, as well as ways to cope with trauma (primarily through direct messages and twice-weekly, pre-recorded educational videos of up to forty minutes in length). We used Telegram to communicate discreetly with our participants, using simple technology - with end-to-end encryption - that facilitated extremely secure conversations to recreate the feeling of a real life group therapy session. 

This initial course reached over 100 participants, and acted as a lifeline to many who were otherwise unable to access help from home. The content was formed from the best of Chayn volunteers’ experience, Women’s Aid’s Power To Change programme and Rockpool’s Sexual Violence Recovery Toolkit.